The following is a partial list of NeoGames partners:
Michigan Lottery – Since it began in 1972, the Lottery has provided more than $17 billion to support the state’s public schools. More than 97 cents of every dollar spent on Lottery games is returned to the state as contributions to the School Aid Fund, prizes to players, and commissions to the retailers. The Lottery expects that offering its existing games through digital channels will result in incremental sales growth. That anticipated growth is projected to increase the Lottery’s contributions to the state School Aid Fund by nearly $120 million over the next four years and another $360 million over the four years after that.
SISAL has managed public gaming through a licensing agreement since 1946 and works with a network of 45,000 points of sale distributed throughout Italy. Today, SISAL is part of a Group operating in the country.Today, SISAL is part of a Group operating in the country. The direct and indirect subsidiaries Sisal Slot S.p.A., Sisal Bingo S.p.A. and Sisal Match Point S.p.A. work under the parent company, Sisal Holding Istituto di Pagamento.
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa – Created in the 15th century (1498) as a charity organization that was involved in humanitarian activities for children and elderly. Being a charitable organization, Santa Casa has been chosen by the Portuguese State to run Lotteries, sports betting games and number games with the purpose of raising funds to finance its social work and all the Projects involved in making life better and more comfortable to the most deprived ones of Lisbon population. Keeping up the pace with modern technologies allows Santa Casa to provide in a safe, transparent and trustworthy way, what players need to give this Institution their confidence and trust.
M.S.L the official Ukrainian lottery operator is the largest operator in Eastern Europe and has been the undisputed leader in Ukraine for more than 40 years.
M.S.L holds More than 7000 points of sales nationwide and offers On-line lottery game platform with real-time sales monitoring. M.S.L provides a wide variety of products: bingo, numeric lotteries, instant win lotteries, Toto & sports betting as well as internet products.
Since 1993 М.S.L. is a member of the European Association of State and Toto lotteries and since 2013 is certified by European Standards of Responsible Gaming.